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I am often asked how much I charge for a web site. The answer is that it depends on a number of factors including:

  • the number of pages in the website.
  • the amount of content on each page, i.e. text, images, forms, links, graphics, etc.
  • the amount of image resizing and optimising needed.
  • the amount of copy typing required.
  • domain name registration - different domains (e.g., .com, .net, .biz, .eu) cost differing amounts.
  • website hosting - I can provide this at very competitive rates, as I purchase it in bulk at wholesale rates.
  • whether search engine optimisation and submission is required.
I will be able to give a firm quote once I have understood your requirements. I will try to be as clear about my charges as I can, and I will agree a price with you before I begin work.

I have prepared the following information as a rough guide to my likely prices. I can't give you an accurate quote until I know and understand your needs and requirements in more detail. Please contact me and to discuss your requirements. I will happily provide advice, guidance and free estimates.

Basic Design of one page:

A web page can be any length, but a user-friendly website should not require the user to scroll down very far. So, in my opinion, a web page should be approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper. This could include graphics, photographs, web and e-mail links, enquiry forms, etc. To design and code a simple page of text from scratch, perhaps with one or two scanned images (a logo and a photograph, for instance), a few links and about 300 - 500 words of text - would typically cost in the region of 100. The page would be fully tested in a variety of browsers and under different screen resolutions to make sure that it looks good under most conditions.

That does not mean that an 7 page site will cost you 700. A lot of the initial work of designing a website is in getting the basic look and layout of the first page right. Once this is done, it can be used as a template for other pages. Thus, the total cost will depend on the complexity of the pages, whether they are based on the same basic template as the first page, and other factors such as whether more/different graphics are needed.

A Sample Costing for a six page site:

As an example, for a non-profit organisiation such as a special-interest community group, individuals or a new local small business, I would usually charge in the region of 450 for the design of a six-page site. This would include submitting the website to the major search engines.

I can provide web-hosting at 100 for 2 years and domain name registration from 10.20 for 2 years.

Additional Charges:

There may be additional small charges for adding in any of the following:

  • Form to e-mail scripts
  • Scanning in images and preparing them for web site use
  • Design of new graphics
  • Copy Typing: I consider that adding headlines, captions and links is part of the design work. However, I would expect you to supply any texts in a ready to use digital format, such as a Word file(s) or other text file(s). If I need to do copy typing, I consider that as a separate job and will charge you at the rate of 25 per hour.
  • Slide show and/or web photo gallery scripts

Updating your website:

As time goes on, your website may need updating. For instance, you may change your contact or address information, you may want to add new photographs, or even add extra pages. This I will charge at 25 per hour. I will not usually charge for occasional very small changes, such as editing a line of text, or swapping an image. Be aware however that some apparently minor changes or additions can involve considerably more work than they would in, for example, a word-processed document. Images need to be sized correctly to fit amongst the existing content, and optimised. The revised page has to be html and css formatted, tested, uploaded to the server to replace the old one, (and the old page archived for future reference) then tested further in the most common browers to ensure it still looks right and works correctly.

For further information, please contact me. I am always happy to discuss your project and give my considered advice.

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